About Us

Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus (JAMC) was established in 2041 BS as an affiliated college to Tribhuvan University. It had more than 700 students in different programs. JAMC was handed over to Purbanchal University as a constituent campus by its operational committee in 2060 BS for fostering academic studies in the eastern region in different disciplines of higher studies.

Centre for Population and Development (CPAD) was established under JAMC building for enhancing research, training and academic programme in the field of Population and Development Studies. Master’s degree in Population and Rural Development is being conducted in CPAD. Looking at the growing need for Bachelor of Education programme, from the year2070 BS, three years Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and one year Bachelor of education (B.Ed.) programme is also started in the JAMC. At present, PU Central Office is also located in its building until PU Central Office is constructed.


The objectives of B.Ed. programmes in JAMC are:

  • To conduct academic program of Bachelor in Education in the various disciplines like English, Population, Health, Nepali, Math, computer science and Social Studies etc.

  • To conduct research in different disciplines for enhancing teaching learning activities.

  • To conduct training for fostering educational activities and professionalism in different sectors.